Culture Evidence


The first document that you will find on this page is my philosophy on teaching culture.  After taking a class on teaching culture for my master’s program, I have further developed my beliefs about culture and language learning.  Culture is a complex, challenging, and ever changing entity that is a feature of language from which it cannot be separated.   Learning a language is both a cognitive and social process, of which culture is at the heart.   Below, you will find my beliefs about teaching culture and developing cultural awareness in the World Language classroom.

Culture Teaching Philosophy

The next three items are examples of what culture capsules would look like for a unit of study.  The culture capsule is the last part of the modified immersion lesson.  This part of the lesson is normally done in English in order to encourage higher level thinking and more meaningful discussions.  I have included a sample overview of culture capsules for a unit of teaching, a culture closure lesson, and the accompanying presentation.

Sample Unit Culture Cluster

Culture Capsule Lesson Presentation

Culture Closure Example Presentation

This next lesson is a lesson on on different Spanish dialects.  This culture segment is taught in English and Spanish focusing on the relationship between language and culture.  I will draw on students prior knowledge of the Spanish language,  we will compare and contrast the dialects, identify specific characteristics, and verbally practice using the dialect.  We will be listening to native speakers talking for each of the analyses and also look at some authentic materials as a practice activity.  Normally, this lesson would probably take a couple of days and would go through dialects spoken in more Spanish-speaking countries, so that we could look more in-depth at the how they are similar and how they are different.  We can also dive deeper into how certain dialects have influenced others and look at other aspects like historical, political, or geographical influence.  This is a very basic approach to dialects and I would use this lesson in my 8th grade Spanish class.

Culture Dialects Lesson Plan


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