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Hi! My name is Tiffany Robinson and I currently teach 7th and 8th grade Spanish at a public school in Michigan.  I have studied Spanish for more than ten years, and I am very passionate about the language and the culture, which is why I chose to be a Spanish teacher.  I decided that I wanted to teach at the secondary level because I feel that this is where my knowledge and presentation of these subjects in a classroom will have the most lasting effects on students.  I graduated from Michigan State University in December of 2014 with a Masters in the Art of Foreign Language Teaching and I am very excited for what the future holds. Please take a few minutes to look through my online portfolio using the tabs at the top of the page.

            Welcome to my online teaching portfolio. Under each of the tabs at the top of the webpage you will find a collection of evidence and pieces of work that I completed throughout my studies in the Master’s of Art in Foreign Language Teaching program at Michigan State University. Each artifact that is part of this portfolio is important in its own way. More importantly, these particular pieces have been chosen to demonstrate the various competencies that I have developed as part of this program. The five core areas that I have developed increased competency in are the following: teaching methods, technology integration, assessment, teaching culture, and knowledge gained during my independent study module.  The first part of my portfolio consists of a brief introduction about myself and gives an overview of the various pieces of my portfolio that you will find under each of the tabs on my webpage.  Next, you will come across my updated curriculum vitae, my language proficiency evidence, and my teaching philosophy. My teaching philosophy has been revised to reflect my current views on foreign language teaching based on what I have learned in this program.

            In addition to strengthening my pedagogical knowledge and teaching practices, this program has allowed me to increase my knowledge in the areas of technology, foreign language assessment, the teaching of culture, and in my understanding of language itself. I have provided various artifacts to demonstrate my competency in these areas such as assessment tools, a technology literature review, and intercultural activities. The next part of my portfolio is based on my experiential module or independent study project. Here you will find a multitude of activities, presentations, and evidence showcasing what I learned from attending two, three day intensive workshops at Michigan State University over this past summer. The final document that you will find is a reflective essay on the MAFLT program and how it has impacted my teaching, beliefs, and practices, as well as my future intentions. Upon leaving this program, I am graduating with a deep understanding of foreign language teaching pedagogy, language concepts, leadership skills, content knowledge, and I know that I have become a better Spanish teacher.


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